The Technology: Centrus' AC100

AC100 cascade

The AC100: Centrus’ Production Centrifuge Design

The AC100 series centrifuge machine is Centrus’ production centrifuge machine design. Its output is substantially greater than other commercial centrifuge machines operating in the world today.

Centrus believes that the AC100 centrifuge machine that Centrus will deploy in the American Centrifuge Plant will be the most advanced uranium enrichment machine in the world.

Advantages of Gas Centrifuge Technology

The gas centrifuge process has three characteristics that make it economically attractive for uranium enrichment:

  • Proven technology: Centrifuge technology is a proven enrichment process. Various forms of this technology are deployed in several countries.
  • Low operating costs: Its energy requirements per unit of enrichment are 95% less than the requirements of a gaseous diffusion plant.
  • Modular architecture: The modularity of the centrifuge technology allows for flexible deployment, enabling capacity to be added in increments as demand increases.

History of U.S. Centrifuge Development