Energy Security

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Clean, Reliable Electricity

The United States relies on clean, reliable electricity from its 100 nuclear reactors to produce about 20 percent of the electricity the country uses each year. Today, nuclear power accounts for nearly 70 percent of the emissions-free electricity produced in the country, making it our largest source of clean energy.

Domestic Production

Once constructed, the American Centrifuge Plant will be the only uranium enrichment facility in the world using U.S. centrifuge technology. Because nuclear power plays such a large role in our generation of clean energy, it is vital that the United States have the capability to fuel its nuclear power plants with a home-grown source of fuel so that the country does not become further dependent upon foreign sources of enriched uranium or foreign enrichment technologies. In 1993, America produced more than 90 percent of the enriched uranium used in its nuclear reactors, but by 2008 only 15 percent of the enriched uranium fueling American reactors had been produced domestically.

Self-Reliance for Today and Tomorrow

The world’s other major uranium enrichment companies are all controlled by their national governments, including Russia, France, England, China and Japan. Constructing the American Centrifuge Plant will provide a domestic source for meeting our nuclear fuel needs. And since the American Centrifuge technology is modular and easily expandable, the plant’s capacity can be expanded to meet demand as warranted.

Critical to National Security

The United States is at risk of losing its only future capability to enrich uranium to meet key national security needs.

Nuclear Power Leadership