Nuclear Fuel


Low Enriched Uranium & Natural Uranium

Centrus Energy is the world’s most diversified supplier of enriched uranium fuel. Drawing upon our long-term supply agreements with primary producers, purchases from secondary sources, and inventory, Centrus is continuing its nearly 60-year record of providing utility customers with assured, affordable, and on-time deliveries.

The nuclear fuel cycle is complex, with long lead times. Working together with our strategic partners, Centrus offers solutions across the nuclear fuel cycle to help our utility customers meet their changing needs in a competitive market.

Centrus has structured a portfolio of strategic relationships to meet our customers’ requirements for more responsive fuel procurement. These relationships allow us to manage supply logistics, optimize inventory management, and build in supply assurances to assure on-time delivery.

In addition, as the market has grown more complex and uncertain, Centrus is working to ensure secondary sources are efficiently placed into the market and that its customers have competitive supply sources.