Who We Are

Centrus Energy is a trusted supplier of nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry.

We provide value to our utility customers through the reliability and diversity of our supply sources of enriched uranium – helping them meet the growing need for clean, affordable, carbon-free electricity. Centrus has a long-term order book extending through 2030 and continues to innovate so that we can help our customers reduce their fuel costs with products and services tailored to their requirements. Centrus also has world-leading expertise in uranium handling, nuclear fuel design, and criticality, and is working collaboratively with the advanced reactor community to develop next-generation nuclear fuel.

Centrus has designed, manufactured, and successfully operated the world’s most advanced gas centrifuge enrichment technology, the American Centrifuge, which has undergone rigorous testing by the Department of Energy and is available for national security deployment.  Restoring America’s capability to enrich uranium with a domestic technology is critical to meeting long-term national security requirements, such as supplying fuel for the U.S. Navy and providing a source of tritium — which is necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the nuclear deterrent.  U.S. treaty obligations and longstanding nonproliferation policies prohibit the use of foreign uranium or foreign technology for these purposes.

Based on our experience developing and building the world’s most advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges, Centrus now offers its unique technical capabilities and engineering expertise to a wide range of customers outside of the traditional nuclear fuel business, including turnkey engineering, design, and advanced manufacturing solutions for advanced reactor developers and others in the energy, aerospace, chemical, and defense sectors. At our 440,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Technology & Manufacturing Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, our team of scientists and engineers transform innovative ideas into proven designs and high-quality products and components.

With deep technical expertise and capabilities, a billion-dollar order book, and long-term supply agreements through 2030, the company is well-positioned to support our customers and the growth of the nuclear industry.

Our Mission

Centrus Energy is a trusted supplier of nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry.

Our Mission is to provide reliable and competitive fuel goods and services to meet the needs of our consumers, consistent with the highest levels of integrity, safety, and security.

Our vision is to be the trusted nuclear partner to the world.