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Educational resources and information about Centrus’ role in the nuclear fuel cycle and the important role nuclear power plays in our everyday lives

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Why Nuclear?

Using nuclear power to generate electricity provides many benefits: it’s low carbon, it diversifies our electricity supply, it operates reliably on a constant basis, and it provides substantial economic benefits in communities where plants operate and to U.S. companies who supply the global nuclear industry.


Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Find out how the uranium fuel that powers the world’s nuclear reactors is mined and processed in several important steps that make up the nuclear fuel cycle.

Uranium Enrichment

Uranium enrichment is the process of increasing the concentration of U235 isotope in natural uranium and decreasing that of U238 isotope. Enrichment is a critical step in transforming natural uranium into nuclear fuel to produce electricity.


Confused about what a SWU is? Can’t tell LEU from HEU? Here are the meanings to terms used in the nuclear fuel business every day.

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UF6 Handling Practices Manual

The UF6 Manual: Good Handling Practices for Uranium Hexafluoride, USEC-651, is the tenth revision of a document first issued by the Atomic Energy Agency in 1957 to provide information on how uranium hexafluoride (UF6) is handled in a uranium enrichment plant.

This document, which Centrus most recently updated in 2017, is neither a rule nor a standard, but rather a general description of how to manage UF6.

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