How Much Energy Is That?

The 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium in 20,000 nuclear warheads contains a tremendous amount of energy.

To get a better idea of how much energy wass involved, consider the following...

Potential Electricity Generated

The low enriched uranium downblended from 500 metric tons of HEU could produce enough electricity to power:

Seattle...for 767 years


The United States...for 2 years

United States

The World...for 5 months

The World

Energy Equivalents

The energy from the uranium in 20,000 nuclear warheads is equivalent to:

Coal: 3.4 billion tons


Oil: 12.2 billion barrels


Natural Gas: 74.5 trillion cubic feet

Natural Gas

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Nuclear power is a vital part of the world's energy mix. Find out how the uranium fuel that powers the world's nuclear reactors is mined and processed in several important steps that make up the nuclear fuel cycle.