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ORNL Will Extend Centrus’ Contract for Advanced Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Research at Reduced Level

  • Will extend contract for one year
  • Funding cut by approximately 60 percent
  • Continues technology development activities at Oak Ridge facilities
  • Revenue used for Piketon operations discontinued
  • Reduction in funding may require layoffs

BETHESDA, Md. – Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE MKT: LEU) confirmed today that Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has informed Centrus that it intends to extend its contract with the Company at a reduced level for research on the world’s most advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges. DOE’s decision to provide reduced funding will support continued developments of the company’s American Centrifuge technology – which have long-term importance for our national and energy security.

The new contract will cover the period from October 1, 2015, to September 30, 2016, with the possibility for additional extensions. It excludes continued operations of America’s only operating cascade of advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges in Piketon, Ohio. Funding will be reduced by approximately 60 percent to $35 million per year, and the scope of activities will be limited to development activities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

“While obviously we are disappointed by the decision to significantly downsize America’s advanced centrifuge program, we appreciate the Laboratory’s recognition that the technology has been effectively demonstrated over the last two years of hard work at Piketon,” said Centrus Vice President Steve Penrod, who oversees the American Centrifuge program for the company. “We will work with the Laboratory and with Congress to protect as much of the core capabilities of the program as possible so that the technology will remain ready for deployment when the U.S. government calls upon it for national security purposes.”

“In the coming weeks, we will explore options to protect the technology and our workers in Ohio, whose expertise, creativity, and dedication represent an invaluable asset for the Nation,” said Daniel B. Poneman, president and CEO of Centrus. “Cuts to our workforce would impose hardship on families and communities, while jeopardizing future progress. We will do all that we can to ease transitions while preserving as much of our scientific, technical, and industrial expertise as we can with the available funding.”

A fact sheet describing the national security importance of preserving U.S. leadership in uranium enrichment technology is available at:

National Security Importance of U.S. Enrichment Capability

A fact sheet detailing the existing advanced centrifuge program and the impact of the funding reductions is available at:

Fact Sheet on Existing Program and Reductions

Centrus anticipates that it will incur costs, which are being evaluated, associated with the reduction in workforce and the further demobilization of the program. Should closure of the Piketon, Ohio, facility be required, Centrus would incur still further costs associated with that closure and return of the facility in compliance with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements and pursuant to its lease with DOE.

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Forward-Looking Statements:

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