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Poneman Highlights the Importance of Advanced Reactors to American Nuclear Leadership

In a speech to the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows last week, Centrus President and CEO Daniel Poneman highlighted the unique value that the U.S. nuclear industry provides to America’s national security, the environment, and consumers – and the importance of American leadership in building and fueling the reactors of tomorrow.

Since the days of President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” Initiative, Poneman said, U.S. nuclear diplomacy has always depended on our ability to design, build, and fuel nuclear reactors around the world.  The decline of American nuclear leadership in recent decades seriously threatens our Nation’s energy security and influence on nonproliferation efforts worldwide.  The United States has the opportunity to recapture this leadership, Poneman argued, by leading the development of a new generation of advanced reactors and nuclear fuel designs.

Centrus is on the front lines of this endeavor not only through its work on advanced uranium enrichment technology but also through its contract with X-energy to support the design of a fabrication facility for advanced reactor fuel.

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