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X-energy Completes Preliminary Design of TRISO-X Fuel Fabrication Facility, Signs Contract with Centrus Energy for Next Phase of Work

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ROCKVILLE and BETHESDA, Md. – X-energy and Centrus Energy Corp. (NYSE American: LEU) today announced that preliminary design of X-energy’s TRISO-X Fuel Fabrication Facility has been completed and that the companies have signed a contract for Centrus to continue its work as the project enters its next phase.

“Completion of Preliminary Design is a key step in our commercialization efforts toward a first-of-a-kind NRC regulated Category II facility capable of handling High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) for the coming fleet of advanced reactors,” said Pete Pappano, President of TRISO-X, a wholly owned subsidiary of X Energy LLC.

“Centrus is pleased to be part of X-energy’s team in designing and developing this next generation fuel fabrication facility,” said Larry Cutlip, President of American Centrifuge Operating, a wholly owned subsidiary of Centrus.  “We greatly value this partnership and look forward to continuing this important work to bring TRISO-X fuel to market.”

X-energy contracted with Centrus in 2018 to support the facility’s preliminary design work, which is now complete.  Under a new contract supported by the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Demonstration Tier of the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program, the largest tier of award in the program, X-energy will finalize the detailed design of a commercial-scale TRISO-X fabrication facility.

The TRISO-X facility will wrap HALEU-bearing kernels of oxide and carbide in alternating layers of pyrolytic carbon and silicon carbide, creating a self-contained, meltdown-proof fuel. The facility is designed to support the deployment of X-energy’s flagship XE-100 power plant in Washington State by 2027 under an award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP.)  The facility will also be capable of supporting other Xe-100 sites and a variety of customers needing other fuel forms of TRISO.

About X-energy

X-energy is redefining nuclear energy. It manufactures fuel that seals uranium particles in a protective coating, which makes meltdown impossible and retains the uranium fuel inside forever. X-energy also designs plants that unlock the fuel’s energy potential in a process that’s as clean as wind or solar. When combined, the result is reliable carbon-free baseload power, produced more safely and affordably than ever before and available anywhere, at any time. For more information, visit or connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

About Centrus

Centrus Energy is a trusted supplier of nuclear fuel and services for the nuclear power industry. Centrus provides value to its utility customers through the reliability and diversity of its supply sources – helping them meet the growing need for clean, affordable, carbon-free electricity. Since 1998, the Company has provided its utility customers with more than 1,750 reactor years of fuel, which is equivalent to 7 billion tons of coal. With world-class technical and engineering capabilities, Centrus is also advancing the next generation of centrifuge technologies so that America can restore its domestic uranium enrichment capability in the future. Find out more at

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