Larry B. Cutlip

Larry B. Cutlip Senior Vice President, Field Operations, and President, American Centrifuge Operating, LLC

Larry B. Cutlip is senior vice president, field operations, for Centrus Energy Corp and president, American Centrifuge Operating, LLC. In these roles, Mr. Cutlip has P&L responsibility for ACO and leads Centrus’ activities at its Tennessee and Ohio sites, including centrifuge and plant design, and operations.

Mr. Cutlip has more than 42 years of nuclear experience and has served in several senior operations, engineering, plant management and executive positions at Centrus. Previously, he was president of American Centrifuge Manufacturing, LLC where he led the teams charged with developing the AC-100M centrifuge manufacturing supply chain, including establishing Centrus’ Technology and Manufacturing Center for production of classified centrifuge parts and subassemblies.

In addition to establishing Centrus’ manufacturing base for the American Centrifuge program, Mr. Cutlip has a long history of successfully leading critical programs for the company, including execution of major contract work for the Department of Energy in Oak Ridge and at the Portsmouth and Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plants. He has received numerous corporate awards for his accomplishments.

Mr. Cutlip holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and mathematics from Muskingum College.  He completed Advanced Management Training School as well as numerous other technical and management training programs.